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Home Security Systems in Vancouver, BC

The safe way is the right way

Safety starts at home. A home needs to be a place where you and your family feel safe, so why leave your security to chance?

At Ventas Security Systems Corp we provide you with home security solutions, from individual fire alarm products to complex burglar security systems.

Your home is significantly less likely to be burglarized when you have a security system.Working with you, we will evaluate your specific needs and offer you the safety solution it takes to make your house a home.

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Home Alarm System

Home Alarm Systems in Vancouver, BC

Securing your home like our's

Home alarm systems by Ventas Security Systems Corp are designed to detect intruders and smoke, and signal the proper authorities.

Your home is significantly less likely to be burglarized when you have a security system. Our residential service does not simply end with the installation of a VSS alarm system, but continues with professional protection that keeps your home safe 24 hours a day.

Advantages :

  • Increase Safety
  • Effective Protection
  • Crime Deterrent
  • Affordable
  • Loss Prevention
  • Easy to use

Any alarm system can be upgraded and monitored.

Our security package includes* :

  • 1 DSC Control Unit
  • 1 DSC Remote Keypad
  • 1 Interior Siren
  • 2 Door Contacts
  • 1 Passive Infrared Motion Detectors
  • Battery Back up Power Supply
  • Telephone Dialer
  • Window w/Door Decals
  • Insurance Installation Certificate
  • Complete with service and 24 hour ULC "AA" Monitoring
  • Lawn sign

Pet friendly motion detectors are also available.
*Applicable permits not included.

Home Video Surveillance

Home Video Surveillance Systems in Vancouver, BC

Because safety never takes a vacation, neither do we.

Imagine watching your home from the palm of your hand from virtually anywhere in the world. We make this possible with an innovative home video surveillance system which we are proud to announce at the most affordable rate in Greater Vancouver. The live video is streamed directly to your smartphone or computer.

Advantages :

  • Increase Safety
  • Alarm Verification
  • Crime Deterrent
  • Loss Prevention
  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Freedom and peace of mind