Support For Handling False Alarms

Avoid false alarms (FALSE ALARM 24/7 PHONE NUMBER: - 604-777-3776) 
*Have your account or password ready


It is important that you minimize your chances of causing any unnecessary alarms.

  • Many districts impose fines for excessive false alarms.
  • Check with your local police for any By-laws which apply to you.


Avoid causing false alarms. Here are a few basic points to consider.

  • DO NOT leave any windows open as drafts can trigger motion sensors.
  • DO NOT leave pets in an area where their motion can be detected.
  • Remove any objects that cause motion from areas with motion sensors. i.e. balloons, decorations, mobiles, hanging plants, etc.
  • Make sure anyone with access to the premise has the monitoring station telephone number and the premise account number.

If you trip the alarm system :

  • DISARM - Enter your personal 4 digit code to silence the alarm.
  • WAIT - Wait for the telephone line to clear.
  • CALL - 24 Hour Service monitoring station. Telephone: (604) 777-3775
  • NOTIFY - Tell the operator you have tripped your system. You must provide the account number to cancel any police action.

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